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The COVID-19 crisis has impacted businesses around the world and has required many of us to adapt quickly to a changing time. Throughout this time, has remained open for business with new offerings and protocols to keep our clients, vendor partners, and employees safe. 

Your safety is our highest priority. While we have always adhered to the highest health and safety standards, we have implemented enhanced measures to reduce safety risks.

Your Health & Safety was built around the idea of fostering community and collaboartive corporate culture. Even in the midst of a challenging environment, we remain undeterred from that mission and continue to believe in our mission to use food as a means for good.

Our Commitment to Building Community

Through our Vendor Assistance & Community Assistance Program, we've partnered with clients to raise more than $25,000, serving more than 2,000 meals to community organizations across the country. Read more about our partnerships in Austin and Atlanta.

In partnership with Chase and Madison Square Garden Entertainment, we've facilitated hundreds of meals for frontline workers in New York City through the #HomeTeamHeroes campaign.

We have developed new technology and custom solutions to create new catering opportunities for our vendors. We have also waived vendor commissions for client orders being donated to community organizations to increase the financial impact for our restaurant partners.

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What Does Tomorrow Look Like? 

While the workplace will certainly look different in the future, we are committed to the principles that have helped us create successful catering programs for our clients over the past decade: flexibility and meeting our clients where they are.

We’ve been hard at work building out a suite of new offerings and developing new technology to help keep your team engaged, healthy, and well fed.

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Our Vendors

We have maintained regular contact with each of our vendors and have worked in collaboration to ensure they can continue to serve our clients safely. All food providers are monitored to ensure they are achieving the highest standards required by local health departments, including with regard to general hygiene, sanitation standards, hand washing, and food handler certifications.

Our Catering Coordinators

All onsite catering coordinators are required to go through retraining of new safety procedures, including enhanced hand washing standards, new guidelines for use of equipment and sanitation, and more frequent replacement of food safety equipment and chef coats.

Our Safety Standard

Each team's transition back to the office will require a distinct approach, but here are some of the ways we have prepared to keep your team safe. 

No-Contact Delivery

All orders can be delivered with zero contact and onsite catering coordinators can facilitate setup and breakdown.

Required PPE

All food providers and food handlers are required to wear appropriate PPE when cooking, delivering, or handling food.  

Cleaning & Sanitation

Onsite coordinators are available for cleaning of your service area and use disposable cleaning supplies to reduce risk of  contamination.


All food providers and food handlers are required to self-report illnesses and are discouraged from taking non-essential travel.

Expanded boxed meal options and individually wrapped items

New solutions for fluctuating headcounts and budgets

Staff-served buffets and cleaning services