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Building community among your team is now more challenging than ever.

Let us customize a solution to keep your team engaged, healthy, and well fed.

NEW Group Ordering!

Grab & Go Friendly

Arrive in a single delivery, reducing traffic to your space

Available at no-cost to companies with free delivery for employees

Fully customizable by employees

Great for varying headcounts and flexible participation

Prepared and delivered by curated set of vendors

A solution for companies to provide a new meal benefit to their teams while reducing health and safety risks. 

With Group Ordering meals are:

There's a lot to consider when returning to the office

We’ve developed new solutions for your return to the office, including:

Transparency and tracking for food preparation and delivery

Social distancing policies for entrances, elevators, and common spaces

Fluctuating headcounts in the office with varying WFH schedules

Employee contact with communal food and serving utensils

Expanded boxed meal options and individually wrapped items

NEW! Group Ordering to solve for fluctuating headcounts and reduced budgets

Staff-served buffets and cleaning services

What You Get with

Dedicated Team

Simple Process

Peace of Mind

Accessible account manager to answer your questions.

Order, track invoices, and provide feedback online.

We ensure meals are on time and properly set up with labels.

Time Savings

On-Site Staff 

Expanded Variety

Meal coordinators to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Thousands of local restaurants with ever-expanding menus.

We handle all menu planning, communication, and delivery.

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